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Fire Protection

Fire and Emergency Services – NL has various responsibilities including, but not limited to overseeing the provisions of legislation and statutes pertaining to Fire Services. The various pieces of legislation and statutes include the following:

Fire Prevention

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Emergency Management

Relevant sections of the Municipalities Act

Under The Municipalities Act, Section 204, pertains to the declaration of a state of emergency within a municipality. The following passage details the contents of Section 204;

  1. Where, in the opinion of the council or chairperson or mayor, an emergency exists because of
      (a) a disaster;
      (b) a snowstorm or flood; or
      (c) a shortage of water

    the council, chairperson or mayor may declare a state of emergency in the municipality or part of the municipality.

And, under The Municipalities Act, Section 405, pertains to orders by council when a declaration under Section 204 has been declared.

  1. (1)Where a state of emergency is declared under section 204, a council, chairperson or mayor may order
      (a) the closing of or the hours of operation of businesses and schools or a class of businesses and schools, in the municipality;
      (b) the banning or controlling of public gatherings;
      (c) the evacuation of buildings;
      (d) the restriction or prohibition of the use of vehicles or a class of vehicles on the streets of the municipality;
      (e) that children below a stated age or in certain age categories not be permitted on a public road, park or in a place of amusement during prescribed hours, whether alone or in the company of a parent, guardian or other adult; and
      (f) the restriction or prohibition of the use of water in the municipality.

    (2) Subsections 404(2) to (6) apply, with the necessary changes, to an order made by a council under subsection (1).

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