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About the Agency


The mandate of the Labour Relations Agency is to encourage effective relationships between employees and employers through:

  • The regulation of employment relations;
  • The regulation of the minimum terms and conditions of employment through labour standards; and
  • The provision of workplace dispute resolution services.

These goals are pursued through the effective administration and enforcement of applicable legislation administered under the powers and duties of the Minister.

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The Labour Relations Agency’s vision is of an optimal employment relations climate contributing to economic growth, competitiveness and shared prosperity.

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The Labour Relations Agency’s ability to promote effective employment relations requires that stakeholders have a high level of trust and confidence in the independence of the Agency’s staff and in the quality of its services. To this end, the Agency’s organizational culture promotes three key values: professionalism, respect and partnership.

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Lines of Business

Labour Standards Division

The Agency's Labour Standards Division administers the province's Labour Standards Act, which mandates minimum terms and conditions of employment in the province. The Division also administers the Shops Closing Act, which sets the observance of holidays in the province when shops must be closed. This is achieved by:

  • Ensuring compliance with Labour Standards and Shops Closing legislation through investigation and enforcement;
  • Investigating and mediating disputes between employees and employers;
  • Offering educational awareness seminars and consultative programs to communities and organizations, educational institutions, and various business sectors; and
  • Consulting with employees and employers on workplace matters.

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Labour Relations Division

The Agency's Labour Relations Division is responsible for serving employees and employers who operate within the framework of the collective bargaining system as set out in the province's Labour Relations Act and other collective bargaining legislation. Services include:

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Policy and Planning Division

The Agency's Policy and Planning Division is responsible for the provision of information and research related to the employment relations climate of the province and for the review and enhancement of the Agency's policies, programs, services and legislative framework. This is accomplished through the effective administration of provincial labour legislation. Divisional services include:

  • Analyzing, maintaining and providing statistical information relating to the Agency's core lines of business, objectives, programs and activities;
  • Researching labour relations and labour standards issues;
  • Providing information and research services with respect to the province's employment relations environment;
  • Facilitating the evaluation and continuous improvement of policies, programs and services;
  • Providing support and advice to the Agency Executive and to the Minister responsible for the Labour Relations Agency;
  • Updating and monitoring the Agency's Strategic Plan and Annual Reports;
  • Ensuring the Agency's participation in initiatives both Provincial Government-wide and with other federal/provincial/territorial governments;
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships and representing provincial interests with relevant provincial, national, and international organizations and Ministries of Labour; and
  • Monitoring of judicial decisions and practices in relation to labour, to help provide strategic policy advice.

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