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Labour Standards Frequently Asked Questions

This section has been prepared to answer some of the commonly asked questions on the practical application of the Labour Standards Act, R.S.N.L 1990 c L-2, as ammended. The information contained in the frequently asked questions is ready reference for general information only. You are encouraged to contact the Labour Standards Division, for clarification on any of the topics presented.

3rd Floor, Beothuck Building
20 Crosbie Place
P.O. Box 8700
St. John's, NL  A1B 4J6

Toll Free: 1-877-563-1063
St. John's Office: (709) 729-2742
Corner Brook Office: (709) 637-2367

Email: labour@gov.nl.ca

Hours of Work                                                                           

Hours of Work
Meetings and Extra Duties

Wages & Tips

Deduction from Pay
Vacation Pay
Tips or Gratuities

Annual Vacation, Public Holidays and Other Leave

Annual Vacation
Public Holidays
Sick/Family Responsibility Leave
Pregnancy Leave
Parental Leave
Adoption Leave
Bereavement Leave
Compassionate Care Leave
Critically Ill Child Care Leave
Crime-Related Child Death or Disappearance Leave
Reservists Leave

Termination of Employment

Notice Period
Termination Without Notice
Termination and Pay
Group Termination

Employment of Children

Required Records


It is important to note that the legislation allows an employer to provide terms and conditions of employment that are more beneficial than those set out in the Act. Should an employer's practices or terms in a collective agreement provide greater employment benefits, then those terms and conditions will govern the employment relationship.


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