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For Non-Unionized Workplaces

The Labour Standards Division is responsible for administering the Province's Labour Standards Act, which imposes certain minimum conditions on most employment contracts of service.


Preventive Intervention

Designed to enhance overall compliance and ensure that employers and employees are aware of the functions and services provided by the Agency. Labour Standards Officers visit workplaces to informally meet with employers and employees to discuss their rights and responsibilities pursuant to provincial legislation. These visits may be random or may target certain employers or industry sectors where non-compliance is evident.

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Early Resolution

Assistance is provided in facilitating resolution to workplace disputes in a timely and efficient manner through education and/or mediation with the principle parties, without requiring complex and protracted investigations.

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Formal Investigation

When employees believe they have received less than minimum employment standards and are unable to resolve the matter with their employer, Labour Standards staff will investigate the matter upon receipt of a written complaint. Employees who wish to file a complaint must do so within 6 months of their employment termination date.

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Educational Awareness

Labour Standards staff provides awareness seminars and presentations to provide participants with a better understanding of the rights and obligations of employers and employees under the Labour Standards Act and Regulations.

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Telephone Counselling Services

Labour Standards staff are available to provide interpretation and service advising parties of their rights and responsibilities related to a broad range of employment standards issues, by calling the province-wide information line at 1-877-563-1063, the St. John’s line at (709) 729-2742, the Corner Brook line at (709) 637-2364, or via e-mail at LabourStandards@gov.nl.ca.

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