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Provincial Policy Documents

The Population Growth Strategy builds upon and is supported by a number of other Provincial Government strategies, action plans and policy frameworks. Throughout the development of the Population Growth Strategy, the Provincial Government has identified a series of policy areas that reinforce and advance the objective to stabilize and grow the population of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Implementation Framework explains how the Provincial Government's other commitments support the Population Growth Strategy. Links are provided below to the other policy documents directly linked to the Provincial Government's approach to population growth.

Government Departments and Agencies with a Role in Population Growth

The Population Growth Strategy is a government-wide Strategy that establishes key actions various departments and agencies have committed to undertake in pursuit of growing the population. All Provincial Government departments and agencies have a role to play in supporting the stabilization and growth of the province's population.

Below is a list of departments and agencies leading or supporting specific policy actions in the Population Growth Strategy.


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