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Staying on Track

When you walk into a provincial government office, there is an Administrative Support Professional to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

If you call to enquire on the status of your application, you speak with a person who can provide an answer, or who has access to someone who can. These are the people who keep government offices running. These employees  effectively deal with clients in distress, liaise with other departments and regional offices, and do 101 other tasks. Everything from articulating government policy to purchasing supplies. Some work in policy and program development or coordinate services between different branches of government.

In small offices, an Administrative Support Professional might handle enquiries about childcare, health services, education programs, social assistance procedures, motor vehicle registration, snow clearing or even federal government programs and services. It’s a challenge that requires substantial knowledge, empathy and diplomacy. Administrative Support Professionals feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction when helping someone navigate the public service.

WE ARE Administrative Support Professionals.