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Designers and Problem Solvers

When the provincial government decides to build a new hospital, Engineers help design it, ensuring that it's comfortable and safe.

When a mining company submits plans to develop a mineral deposit in Labrador, Engineers review the plans to ensure they comply with a host of regulations, including plans to clean up the site once the deposit is depleted. When a harsh winter causes domestic oil spills, Engineers develop a program to train private sector burner mechanics in preventive maintenance to dramatically reduce the number of spills. When a company wants to drill an onshore oil well, Engineers are part of the review and approval process.

In fact, Engineers come up with solutions to problems every day in the provincial public service. Environmental protection, water resources, road design and construction, oil and gas development, project management, water and sewer, electrical systems - you name it and there’s a team of Engineers on the job ensuring public needs are met.

With such a variety of projects and services, Engineers who work with a government department or agency can look forward to a broad range of challenges and opportunities for professional development. And there’s great satisfaction, whether it is in designing a new school for the province’s children or preventing damage to the environment where residents have a summer home.

WE ARE Engineers.