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Social Workers

Making a Difference

How would you like to work in a profession in which your focus is helping people create positive change in their lives?

Social Workers do this every day through a variety of roles by acting as an advisor, a mediator, a counselor, a case manager, an advocate, an educator; or completing clinical assessments using critical thinking and sound judgment. The work is often challenging and requires clinical, facilitation, communication, problem solving and many other skills. It is also extremely inspiring to see your work have a significant impact on individuals, families and communities.

Social Workers provide services for people at every life stage - from children to seniors - on a range of issues and also work on community development, change advocacy and social policy research. Areas of work may include child protection, probation, victim support, health care, community support or family support. It is a dynamic profession with lots of opportunity to develop a broad range of competencies. Social Workers are located in urban or rural settings and can work with clients directly or can be behind the scenes developing policy.

As part of a highly skilled and specialized team, Social Workers make their contribution. It can be challenging work, but at the same time, very rewarding.

WE ARE Social Workers.