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The following is a listing of the most requested links on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador web site. Also listed are additional links that may be of benefit in finding other online information. 
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  About Newfoundland and Labrador
History, Population, Symbols, Flag

Adoption Act
   Self-Help Kit For Step-Parent Adoption or Relative Adoption
   Records, Disclosure Veto or No-Contact Declaration

  Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates
Applications, Schedule of Fees, Vital Statistics

  BizPal Permits and Licences

  Budget 2012
Estimates, Budget Speech , Economy 20

  Economics and Statistics
Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency
Economic Research and Analysis Division

Early Childhood, K-12, Adult Learners

  Elections Newfoundland and Labrador
Election Results

  Ferry Services
Provincial Schedules, Marine Atlantic

  Highway Driving Conditions
Constructions, Live Cameras, Weather

  Holidays 2013
Shops Closing Holidays

  Home Heating Fuel Rebate


  Jobs (Provincial Government)
Internal, External

  Landlord and Tenants
Rental Agreements, Security Deposits, Residential Tenancies Act

Provincial Maps, Electoral Districts, School Districts

  Members of the House of Assembly
MHA, Cabinet, Premier

  Motor Registration Division
Vehicle Registration, Driver Licences, Impaired Driving Laws

  News Releases
Speeches, Statements in the House, Photos

  Public Exams
Sample Public Exams, Handbook, Grading

  Related Government Links
Provincial/Federal/Municipal Governments, Educational Institutions, Regional Economic Development Boards

 Services en franšais /
 French Services

 Additional Links

   Access to Information and Protection 
    of Privacy Office
Apprenticeship and Certification
   Auditor General
   Community Accounts
   Departmental Executive Directory
   Energy Plan
   Family History
   Forestry Permits and Licences
   Government Employee Information
   Group Insurance Benefit Program
Innovation Strategy
Lien Check Service
   Lotteries Licencing
   Lower Churchill
   Northern Strategic Plan
   Disability Employment Programs and Services
   Order of Newfoundland & Labrador
   Petroleum Pricing Office - PUB 
   Poverty Reduction
   Provincial Taxes
   Public Accounts
   Public Service Award of Excellence
   Salmonier Nature Park
   Support Enforcement Web Portal
Red Tape Reduction Initiative
Registry of Lobbyists
   Rural Secretariat
   THMs Information
   Violence Prevention Initiative
   Voisey's Bay Project
   Women's Policy Office

  Statutes and Regulations

  Student Loans
Apply Online, Grants

Goods and Services, Construction

Accommodations, Festivals, Pictures, Travel Guide

Moose Licence, Caribou Licence, Black Bear Licence, Trapping, Big Game Draw

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