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Our Fiscal Future: Starting the Conversation

Chart displaying Our Fiscal Future outline.

 Launch & Engage - Jan-Feb 2016

  • Discussion document
  • Dialogue App
  • Regionally-based open public sessions
  • Guide to Hosting Your Own Session
  • Town hall style meetings
  • Stakeholder roundtables

Budget 2016 - Roll Up and Release - Mar-Apr 2016

  • Compile and publish summary of ideas, themes and actions.

Focus and Define - May-Aug 2016

  • Conduct more in-depth engagement by sector and theme to identify options and develop best possible actions.

Report of Choices - Fall 2016 - Mid-Year Fiscal Update

  • Publicly report on options generated by the in-depth engagement processes including costing analysis, benefits and impacts.

Validate and Prioritize - Jan-Feb 2017

  • Seek public feedback on choices presented.

Release Results - March 2017 - Budget 2017

  • Engagement results will help inform Budget 2017 and future fiscal decisions.

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