Adult Literacy

The Way Forward on Adult Literacy

The Way Forward on Adult Literacy is a five-year action plan developed through engagement with key stakeholders such as adult learners, adult literacy service providers, community organizations, public libraries, Indigenous, industry, labour and post-secondary education institutions.

Literacy is more than just reading and writing; it is the ability to find, understand, create, communicate and compute using printed and written materials in different situations. Essential skills are also an important part of literacy. They are the first skills needed to learn other skills.

Supported by a $60 million investment, The Way Forward on Adult Literacy identifies 30 actions government and its partners will take to make sure Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have the opportunity to acquire and enhance these skills.

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NL Delivery of ABE I

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Level I is a component of the provincial program for adult learners and refers to basic literacy. It roughly equates to K-6. A number of non-profit community-based centres have contracted with the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour to offer the ABE Level I program.Level I is also offered through some private training institutions.

NL Adult Literacy One-to-One Volunteer Tutoring Organizations

There are many groups that offer volunteer one-to-one literacy tutoring services in Newfoundland and Labrador. Two of the largest volunteer literacy tutoring organizations in the province include: