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Effective April 1, 2019 there is no fee to renew Journeyperson certificates. In addition, the expiry date has been removed from all certificates. To request a new certificate, please click here.

New and increased Apprenticeship and Certification fees have now been introduced and are payable only online. Effective immediately, payments will no longer be accepted at any of our Regional Offices.

  • Please click here for a list of applicable fees and instructions on how to pay.
  • To apply for the renewal, replacement or exchange of a Certificate of Qualification or Certificate of Competency, complete the Certificate Application , following the instructions as noted on the form.

The Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division (ATCD) is responsible for Apprenticeship and Certification programs for those pursuing a career in a skilled trade. This includes registering apprentices and monitoring their progression through to journeyperson certification. ATCD also reviews the applications of seasoned workers who wish to obtain certification via the trade qualifier process.

As a member of the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program, which is the national standard for excellence for Skilled Trades, tradespersons who meet the standards receive a Red Seal Endorsement on their provincial/territorial trade certificate.

ATCD also certifies individuals in the various levels of the Power Engineering occupation through national exams created by the Standardization of Power Engineering Examinations Committee (SOPEEC).

All aspects of the certification process are directed by an appointed Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board which takes guidance from legislation.

For more information about the Apprenticeship and Certification Division, and the Industrial Training and Standards & Curriculum Units, please click here.

Current Initiatives

    • Enhancements to the Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Program
      Based on the recommendations received from a series of consultations throughout the province, a What We Heard – Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Consultations (3 MB) document is available outlining enhancements to the Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Program.


    • Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility
      An agreement signed by Canada’s Premiers has created the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility protocol(2 MB). This protocol directs provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for apprenticeship to provide clear and consistent information for apprentices and employers and to recognize hours worked and technical training successfully completed by apprentices, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they were completed. The protocol applies to apprentices and recent graduates of college trades programs who are moving permanently or temporarily to another province. For more information, choose a topic below. Each of the five links will open in a new window.
      Questions & Answers (483 KB)
      Guidelines: Provides detailed processes, including each province’s or territory’s requirements, to apprentices and recent graduates of college trades programs when moving temporarily or permanently from their home province to another. (8 MB)
      Transfer Guide (4 MB)
      Jurisdictional Contact Information (104 KB)


    • Atlantic Apprentice Mobility
      The Atlantic Memorandum of Understanding (165 KB) Concerning Apprentice Mobility which was signed by the Premiers and Ministers responsible for apprenticeship in the four Atlantic Provinces now gives a registered apprentice the opportunity to work temporarily at their trade in any of the four (4) Atlantic Provinces. Their hours and workplace skills accumulated by the apprentice will be reviewed, and upon approval, will be recognized by their home province for credit towards their apprenticeship. The registered apprentice will be able to continue to access funding and technical (in-school) training in their home province and complete their apprenticeship under their home province’s requirements.
      Questions & Answers (390 KB)


    • Atlantic and National Trade Harmonization Projects
      ATCD is an active participant in Atlantic and National trade harmonization initiatives, including the Atlantic Apprenticeship Harmonization Project (AAHP) – for the Atlantic Provinces – and the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) Harmonization Initiative – for jurisdictions across Canada. The goal of these projects is to provide greater consistency in apprenticeship training and certification requirements in the areas of training, trade hours, trade names, etc. This will help improve labour and apprentice mobility, both Atlantically and across Canada.
      Questions & Answers (491 KB)
      AAHP Overview (67 KB)
      Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) Harmonization Initiative (87 KB)


    • Apprenticeship Application
      Anyone interested in becoming an apprentice can now apply to register by completing one of our fillable Apprenticeship Applications (Apprenticeship Registration). The completed application may be sent directly to Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division (ATCD) via email.


    • Apprenticeship Handbook
      ATCD has developed an Apprenticeship Handbook (3 MB) which provides important information to anyone interested in becoming a registered apprentice in Newfoundland and Labrador.


    • Interim Logbooks
      Interim logbooks are now available for apprenticeship applicants to record work skills and hours while waiting for the official logbook from ATCD.


  • Train Here: A Roadmap for Apprenticeship Renewal

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