Class Calls for Block or Level Training

Block or level training is a period of in-school training with an established set of hours (per block) that all registered apprentices are required to attend.

A province-wide training schedule is developed and posted mid-June of each year and outlines training dates and locations for all trades.

Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division staff determine eligibility and will issue a Class Call letter and package to eligible apprentices approximately eight weeks prior to the class commencing.

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • Block /level Training will begin after an apprentice acquires all the necessary on-the-job training for each trade.
  • See the Progression Schedules for 5400-hour and 7200-hour trades).
  • An apprentice, who completed an entry-level in-school training program (pre-employment) before registering for their apprenticeship, will receive credit for block 1 or Level 1 and can progress to the next block or level of training after obtaining the required number of hours of experience.
  • If the entry-level program (pre-employment program) had not been completed upon registration as an apprentice, the apprentice must complete block/level 1 first.

How Do I Apply?

  • Apprentices must have their employment hours recorded in the logbook and signed off by a Journeyperson mentor. These hours must be submitted and verified by an Apprenticeship Program Officer at regular intervals.
  • The apprentice will then receive a Class Call letter and package outlining training dates and location.
  • Apprentices must return the confirmation sheet provided to the Apprenticeship Program Officer to confirm attendance and the training location.
  • Apprentices are eligible for support costs such as travel costs and rent. To determine eligibility for these supports, apprentices are required to contact a Client Services Officer (CSO) at one of AESL’s Employment Centres.

Decision-Making Process


  • Apprentices are required to submit verification of hours worked and skills completed to Apprenticeship Program Officers for verification.
  • Apprenticeship Program Officers issue class calls starting with apprentices with the most hours and will continue to issue a class call to all eligible apprentices until they obtain enough apprentices to conduct a class. Most training institutions require a minimum of 6 students.


  • Apprenticeship Program Officer confirms eligible hours with employers and confirms class schedules and instructor availability with training institutions.
  • Apprenticeship Program Officer consults the Apprentice Information Management System to determine which apprentices are eligible to be called for block training.


  • Apprenticeship Program Officer issues class call letters from Apprentice Information Management System and forwards to eligible apprentices starting with apprentices with the highest number of hours.
  • Class call packages are prepared and mailed to apprentices eight weeks prior to the start of training. Depending on the difficulty with filling the class, some apprentices may not receive the class call package within the eight week timeframe.
  • Apprentices are required to complete all documents in the class call package including obtaining approval from the employer to be away from work for 8 weeks to attend training (form to be signed).

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Contact Information

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