Exam Marking Process and Grade Release


  • Apprentices are required to work a set number of hours after which they are required to attend block/level training, which is generally 6-8 weeks in duration.
  • Apprentices are required to write a national Red Seal certification exam upon successful completion of all in-school and on-the-job training requirements.
  • Block/level exams are scheduled at the end of in-school training periods.
  • Apprentices are permitted four hours to complete an exam and the required pass mark is 70 per cent.

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible to write a block exam an apprentice must have successfully completed all course work as part of the in-school training for that block/level.
  • To be eligible to write a Red Seal certification exam, an apprentice must:
    • Have all required work experiences outlined in their logbook signed off by their journeyperson mentor. The journeyperson mentor’s signature acknowledges that the apprentice has met the occupational standard as set by industry.
    • Complete and sign the Statements of Eligibility thereby confirming that all the requirements for Red Seal certification are met.
    • Successfully complete all required in-school training.
    • Demonstrate a combination of technical in-school training hours from an approved training program and suitable practical work experience hours, totalling the hours required for the trade.
  • To be eligible to write a certification exam, a trade qualifier must complete and submit the Trade Qualifier Application and a Record of Work Experiences form.
  • There are trade-specific study guides, block exam study guides, and an exam preparation guide available on the ATCD website https://www.gov.nl.ca/aesl/app/student-supports/ to assist apprentices in preparing for exams.
  • Concerns/issues with exams can be brought to the attention of the division by completing an exam feedback form at the time of exam writing and submitting it to the exam invigilator onsite.

Decision-Making Process


  • Apprenticeship Program Officers are responsible for verifying logbook hours, as well as reviewing Trade Qualifier Applications and Record of Work Experience forms.


  • For Trade Qualifiers: Once eligibility to write a Red Seal certification exam is confirmed, the Apprenticeship Program Officer notifies the applicant of the dates and locations for the practical exam (if required) and the Red Seal certification exam.
  • For apprentices writing block or Red Seal exams: they are required to fill out an Apprenticeship Registration Form at the beginning of their training, which is then sent to the appropriate Exam Coordinator (within 10 days of start of training).
  • Training Institutions must provide the Apprentice Attendance Record to the Exam Coordinator 2-3 days prior to the scheduled exam.
  • Exam Coordinators will note any apprentices not eligible to write an exam due to unexcused absences of three days or greater, and will prepare exam information for the apprentices eligible to write the exam.
  • Exam Coordinators forward all required information to the exam invigilator including list of apprentices scheduled to write, location for the exam, login information and passwords for apprentices, and all required materials for the exam, such as code books and a feedback form to be completed by apprentices.


  • Once an exam is completed, the Exam Coordinator grades the exam, and then prepares an email to each apprentice containing their grade. Results are sent to apprentices 10 business days after their exam date via email.
  • Exam feedback forms are reviewed by the Exam Coordinator. If an apprentice identifies an issue with a question on the exam, the form is forwarded to the Program Development Specialist responsible for exam development.
  • In the case of Red Seal certification exams, the feedback form is provided to the host jurisdiction (Province/Territory) for the respective exam for their review and follow-up.

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