Train Here

Train Here: A Roadmap for Apprenticeship Renewal (5 MB)


  • Component of the Workforce Development Action Plan under the Population Growth Strategy
  • Developed based on input from industry, employers and individuals in the skilled trades
  • Outlines a renewed vision for skilled trades in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Assists individuals employed in the skilled trades in Newfoundland and Labrador to continue to find employment opportunities; and
  • Assists employers to secure the right people with the right skills

Apprenticeship Renewal Initiatives:

  1. Improving Apprentice Labour Mobility
    The Atlantic mobility agreement enables apprentices of all trades to work in another Atlantic province while gaining the work hours needs to fulfill their requirements for journeyperson status to ensure the maximum employment opportunities possible, while maintaining their base in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    The ultimate goal is to develop a national apprenticeship system, in which an apprentice’s training is recognized across Canada.

  2. Improving Logbooks
    A new Apprenticeship Handbook has been developed that will be available to all individuals who complete a pre-employment program.
    The Handbook includes:
    • Information on requirements to register as an apprentice;
    • Requirements for participating in apprenticeship training;
    • An interim logbook to capture initial skills and hours while waiting for the official logbook; and
    • Information on the department’s employment centres located across the province with services to assist individuals in obtaining a job in the skilled trades.

  3. Improving Pre-apprenticeship Experiences
    Work is underway to complete a systems upgrade to formally track pre-apprentices.
  4. Simplify the Application Process
    Applications for registration to apprenticeship is now available online. This is in addition to our current methods of application – fax, mail and drop off at one of our local offices.
  5. Alternative Approaches to Training
    The Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division (ATCD) will work in collaboration with Provincial Trade Advisory Committees and other industry representatives to develop alternative approaches to existing apprenticeship training.
  6. Improve Red Seal Completion Rates
    The Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division will work with training institutions to enhance supports to individuals requiring special accommodations to write block exams.
  7. Engage Youth in Apprenticeship
    The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a pilot program for high school students ages 16-19 years old. This program will be expanded to all schools across the province and will include the following enhancements:
    • Additional of a wage subsidy/grant component to assist students with acquiring skilled trades employment;
    • A $50 start-up allowance to assist with any required personal protective equipment; and
    • An exemption of up to seven courses completed at the high school level that are also part of the skilled trades pre-employment program through a dual credits matrix.

  8. Employer Apprenticeship Grant
    Assist under-employed and unemployed apprentices in the skilled trades by providing a financial grant to NL based employers to participate in the apprenticeship program.

    Benefits of Apprenticeship Renewal Initiatives:

    • Enhances services to apprentices, employers and industry stakeholders
    • Increases Red Seal completion rates
    • Streamlines the apprenticeship process
    • Increases flexibility through enhanced work and training options