Literacy and Institutional Services Division

The Literacy and Institutional Services Division is responsible for providing policy, research and planning support to the Department regarding post-secondary education and training which involves direct support to Memorial University, College of the North Atlantic as well as the regulation and monitoring of private training institutions, and International Education.

The Division coordinates the planning and advancement of post-secondary initiatives related to annual budget submissions, infrastructure, policy development, responsive programming and student service issues.

The Division ensures quality standards in the private post-secondary system through the registration of private training institutions, program and instructor approval and compliance audits.

The Division coordinates and oversees provincial post-secondary education through regular contact with MUN, CNA, 23 Private Training Institutions and the Private Training Corporation; oversees post-secondary infrastructure files; advises Government departments, industry and regulatory agencies on post-secondary training issues; meets legislated responsibilities identified within five applicable Acts and issues provincial post-secondary Instructor certificates.


  • To provide policy, planning and research support to the Department on post-secondary education
  • To provide strategic support to Memorial University, including Marine Institute and Grenfell Campus, as well as the College of the North Atlantic
  • To administer the Private Training Institutions Act and Regulations
  • To advance and monitor international education
  • Conduct research and statistical analysis, and monitor trends related to training/adult learning policy positions and issues.
  • Represent the department and support the minister and executive on federal, provincial and territorial committees and forums.
  • Coordinate planning and advancement of adult literacy through the provincial Adult Literacy Grants program and the provincial Adult Basic Education (ABE) program.
  • Participate in interdepartmental initiatives, such as the Healthy Aging Strategy.


  • Private post-secondary institutions
  • Public post-secondary institutions
  • Students and Adult learners
  • Community-based organizations and Literacy/ABE providers
  • General public
  • Other government departments and agencies
  • Federal-provincial-territorial governments


Director: Scott Jones

Literacy and Institutional Services Division
Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
P.O. Box 8700
3rd floor, West Block, Confederation Building
St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6
Telephone: 1-709-729-3100
Fax: 1-709-729-0243 / 1-709-729-6246