Mother Baby Nutrition Supplement (MBNS)

This is a monthly financial benefit for low income pregnant mothers and for families with children under the age of one; the applicant must be a permanent resident of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is intended to help with the cost of extra food during pregnancy and infancy.

Am I eligible to receive this benefit?

  • If you had a family net income for the previous tax year less than $25,395 you may be eligible for this benefit
  • If you are in receipt of Income Support benefits you are eligible for this benefit
  • If you are pregnant, contact the Coordinator at 1-800-508-4788 to apply or complete the online application (118 KB). If you are eligible, the benefit can be deposited into your bank account (mail option is also available).
  • If your child is already born, complete the Canada Child Benefit Application ( The MBNS will then be included with the Newfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit and Canada Child Benefit, issued by the Canada Revenue Agency. This benefit continues until the month before your child turns one year of age.

How much is the Benefit?

If eligible, you will receive $60 a month, and the benefit can be deposited monthly (mail option is also available). During the month of your child’s birth, there will be an additional one-time payment of $90 per child; in the case of multiple births, you will receive multiple birth benefits.

Other Supports

There are many community supports throughout the province that are available to women during pregnancy and throughout the child’s first year of life. To find out more about these services please call 1-800-508-4788 or refer to the information below.


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