Program Overview

The policies and programs of the Division of Income Support are governed by The Income and Employment Support Act and Regulations.

The Department provides financial benefits and other services to eligible low income people to assist in meeting daily living expenses.

What are Income Support Benefits?

Income Support Benefits include basic and non-basic financial supports such as:

Basic Benefits:

  • Family and Individual Benefit (to assist with expenses such as food, clothing, personal care, household maintenance and utilities)
  • Shelter (Including rent and mortgage)

Non-Basic Benefits (eligibility may vary according to your personal circumstances):

  • Municipal Tax Payments
  • Eye Exams and Prescription Glasses
  • Private Childcare (related to employment or training)
  • Expenses for Burials

You may also receive certain benefits and services from other government departments and agencies. Financial eligibility for these may be determined by Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, however, the extent of benefits and services are determined by individual departments. Examples of these benefits and services include:

  • A Prescription Drug Card offered by the Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (NLPDP); if you require drug card coverage only, you may apply for programs under the NLPDP.
  • Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment offered by the Special Assistance Program of the Department of Health and Community Services.
  • Medical Transportation offered through the Department of Health and Community Services

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Who may qualify for Income Support Benefits?

To qualify for income support a person must:

  • Be 18 years of age;
  • Be a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Submit an application for benefits;
  • Be determined eligible according to a financial assessment.

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How do I apply for Income Support Benefits?

Visit the Applying for Income Support page for details on how to apply for benefits.

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If I am eligible, how much money will I receive?

There are basic rates for benefits. However, the amount you receive is determined by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Your family income and other family resources;
  • The number of adults and children in your family;
  • Your living arrangements;
  • The types of benefits you may need according to your specific circumstances;
  • Employment related expenses you or your spouse may have such as transportation and childcare.

Monthly Basic Income Support Benefits

Living with Relatives
Single Adult $323
Couple without dependent Children $642
Single Parent with dependent Children $570
Couple with dependent Children $742
Maintaining a Household or Living with Non-Relatives
Single Adult $534
Couple without dependent Children $756
Single Parent with dependent Children $694
Couple with dependent Children $742

Note: These amounts do not include amounts for shelter, fuel allowance or any special needs.

Other Monthly Basic Rates

Maintaining a House
Rent/Mortgage – up to $372
Fuel Supplement (Island) $71
Fuel Supplement (Labrador) $132
Cost of Living Allowance (Coastal Labrador Only) $150

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When and how will I receive my benefits?

Normally, your application will only be assessed when you (and your spouse, if applicable) submit a signed, completed application including all required documentation. Your benefits will generally be issued twice a month. However, this may vary according to your individual circumstances. You will receive your benefits by direct deposit; mail option may be available in exceptional circumstances.

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What income do I need to report?

You must report all sources of income for you, your spouse and dependent children. You must advise us if you have applied for any type of benefit, for example C.P.P., any type of insurance settlement claim, Employment Insurance etc.

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Can I receive Income Support if I am working?

If your net income is less than your basic living requirements, you may be eligible for benefits while you are working. This will be assessed when you apply. Many expenses such as transportation and child care will be considered in assessing your eligibility for benefits.

We also apply earnings exemptions to your financial assessment. This will reduce the amount of income deducted when determining your eligibility for benefits.

If you are no longer eligible for Income Support Benefits due to an increase in your employment earnings, you and your family will continue to receive your drug card for 12 months under the Extended Drug Card Program. This card covers the full cost of approved prescription drugs and dispensing fees.

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For more information, visit the Income Support FAQ.

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