TOMS Statement of Benefits

TOMS is offered to all working clients who meet the criteria.

Why register for Online Reporting?

Priority Service

Your mailback will be received instantly. There will be no mail delays. A Client Services Officer (CSO) will assess your mailback as a priority.

Instant Feedback

You will receive confirmation that we have received your mailback seconds after sending it. You can check this system again in three business days to see the amount of your entitlement.


You can complete your online report at your convenience and send it online any time, day or night. You can only submit your mailback once every 30 days and up to ten days before your payment is due.

Reduce Costs

Using this online system saves you money. You only need to send verification of your pay stubs, rent or mortgage receipts and childcare verification once every three months.

Simple and Easy to use System

You will receive a step by step guide explaining how to use the system. Your CSO will be available to take you through the system and answer any questions you may have.