TOMS Checklist

  • You must have received your access code, temporary password and User ID before you can submit your online mailback.
  • You cannot submit your report until at least 10 days before your cheque is due. The system will not allow you to use it until then. Please ensure that your mailback is entered in enough time to allow you to receive your cheque through the mail on the correct due date.
  • You can only submit a report once every 30 days so it is important to submit your report on time.
  • You must keep all your pay stubs, child care receipts, a recent rent or mortgage receipt (only if you have moved or the rental amount has changed) and other income verification that you would normally send with your paper mailback. These will have to be forward to the Document Processing Unit (DPU) every three months (you will receive an e-mail reminding you of this)
  • If there are changes in your circumstances including change of address, family size, or type of income, you must call your worker at 1-888-632-4555.
  • Please continue to forward all other documents such as verification of medical transportation to the DPU.
  • Please remember to write your case number on all documents sent to the DPU.