Labour Management Arbitration Committee – Membership


The LMAC is composed of 9 members:

  1. 3 labour representatives;
  2. 3 employer representatives, including one person appointed by the minister who represents government as an employer;
  3. 2 arbitrator representatives; and
  4. one person appointed by the minister who shall represent government in an unofficial capacity.

Current Membership

Member Representative Affiliation Appt. Date Expiry Date
Robert Simmons Employer Rep Vale 2015/06/26 2018/06/26
Elizabeth Lane   Government Rep
unofficial capacity
2016/11/14 2019/11/13
Denis Mahoney
(2nd Term)
Employer Rep McInnes Cooper 2015/06/26 2018/06/26
Christina Kennedy Labour Rep NAPE 2015/08/18 2018/08/18
Robert Keenen Labour Rep FFAW 2015/08/18 2018/08/18
David Conway Labour Rep RNUNL 2015/08/18 2018/08/18
David Buffett Arbitrator Rep Benson Buffett 2015/06/01 2018/06/01
Leanne Montgomery Arbitrator Rep Arbitrator 2015/06/01 2018/06/01
Yvonne Scott
(2nd Term)
Government Rep
unofficial capacity
Advanced Education, Skills and Labour 2012/11/08 2015/11/08

Term of members

Members of the LMAC serve for a 3 year term with an option of serving for one additional 3 year term.

Appointment Process

Labour representatives are chosen by the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour.

Employer representatives are chosen by the Newfoundland and Labrador Business Coalition.

The employer representative that represents government as an employer and the Government representative who serves in an unofficial capacity are appointed by the Minister responsible for administering the Labour Relations Act.