Issues Addressed by the Labour Standards Act

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Vacation Pay

Ensures that employees receive vacation pay and/or an annual vacation.

Public Holidays

Identifies the six (6) paid public holidays and outlines the criteria required for an employee to qualify for pay on a holiday.

Hours of Work

Defines standard working hours and work week. Provides for a day of rest, daily maximum hours and rest periods for employees. Also requires employers to pay overtime to employees.

Minimum Wage

Requires employers to pay at least minimum wage to employees.

Wage Protection

Provides for the payment of wages, place and time of payment and ensures that employees receive a pay stub. Also ensures illegal deductions are not taken from employees.

Tips & Gratuities

Ensures that employees receive tips and gratuities.


Provides for various leaves such as pregnancy, adoption, parental, reservist, compassionate care, sick/family responsibility and bereavement. Outlines the amount of leave employees are entitled to and the criteria to qualify for the leave.

Employment of Children

Ensures that children are not employed in situations where their health or well being is affected. Also requires that parents give written consent for a child to be employed.

Notice of Termination

Requires that employers and employees give and receive appropriate notice of lay-off, and provides for either party to terminate employment without notice, in certain circumstances. Also sets out the preconditions for terminating a large number of employees.


Outlines powers of the Director of Labour Standards and provides for an Unpaid Wage Account. Also requires employers maintain proper records and provides power of entry, interview and inspection.


Provides redress for Advanced Education, Skills and Labour or by either party affected by breaches of the Labour Standards Act.