Labour Standards Division (Non-Unionized Employees and Workplaces)


The Labour Standards Division administers the province’s Labour Standards Act and Regulations which mandates minimum terms and conditions of employment.
The Labour Standards Act is designed to provide protection to individual workers while requiring employers to establish conditions of employment that meet at least the legislated minimum standards for their employees.
The Division also administers the Shop’s Closing Act which sets the observance of holidays when shops must be closed.

Labour Standards Division Services

Preventive Intervention

Labour Standards Officers visit workplaces to informally meet with employers and employees to discuss their rights and responsibilities pursuant to provincial legislation. These visits may be random or may target certain employers or industry sectors where non-compliance is evident.

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Early Resolution

A Labour Standards Officer can provide assistance in facilitating a resolution to workplace disputes in a timely and efficient manner. This is achieved through education and/or mediation with the principle parties, without requiring complex and protracted investigations.

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Formal Investigation

When employees believe they have received less than minimum employment standards and are unable to resolve the matter with their employer, Labour Standards staff will investigate the matter upon receipt of a written complaint. Employees who wish to file a complaint must do so within 6 months of their employment termination date.

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Educational Awareness

Labour Standards Officers provide seminars and presentations to raise awareness of workplace rights and responsibilities under the Labour Standards Act and Regulations. Please contact the Labour Standards Division to arrange for a seminar or presentation for your group.

Do You Know Your Rights?

My Rights at Work Poster

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Telephone Counselling Services

Labour Standards staff are available to provide interpretation and address enquiries of the rights and responsibilities related to a broad range of employment issues and can be contacted at:

Toll free: 1-877-563-1063

St. John’s Office: (709) 729-2742
Corner Brook Office: (709) 637-2364


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Clearance Certificates

Clearance certificates are related to the sale of property or businesses across Newfoundland and Labrador. It identifies whether or not a person or company is subject to a determination (i.e. an order to resolve a labour standards violation) issued by the Labour Standards Division. Clearance certificates are usually requested by lawyers on behalf of their clients.

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