Appointment of Arbitrators


Labour legislation requires that collective agreements contain a dispute resolution process which allows for final settlement of disputes that may occur during the life of the agreement. Arbitration is the process by which parties to a collective agreement can refer grievances to an arbitrator or an arbitration board for a hearing and final determination.

In instances where parties to a collective agreement are unable to agree on a single arbitrator or a nominee to an arbitration board, either party can apply to the Minister to have one appointed. The Labour Relations Division handles the administrative function of these appointments. Arbitrators are chosen from the Roster of Arbitrators named by the Labour Management Arbitration Committee.

Roster of Arbitrators

Mr. David Alcock
Mr. Travor Brown
Mr. Dennis Browne
Mr. David Buffett
Mr. Andrew Butt
Mr. John Clarke
Mr. Bernard Coffey
Mr. Clarence Dwyer
Mr. Alfred Efford
Ms. Karen Hollett     Inactive
Mr. Ronald McCabe
Ms. LeeAnn Montgomery
Ms. Sheilagh M. Murphy
Mr. James Oakley (114 KB)
Mr. Chris Peddigrew
Mr. John Roil     Retired
Mr. John A. Scott
Mr. Wayne Thistle
Mr. Robert Wells

Revised February 6, 2019

Application Process

How do I apply for the appointment of an Arbitrator?

Parties to a collective agreement may separately or jointly request the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour to appoint a single arbitrator or a nominee to an arbitration board. Requests must be made in writing and include:

  • The name and address of the party making the request and the name and address of the other party to the grievance.
  • Reference to whether the appointment is being made under the collective agreement or relevant labour legislation.
  • A copy of the grievance.
  • A copy of any relevant correspondence between the parties.

Decision-Making Process


Day 1: Application is received at the Labour Relations Division.

Day 2: File is assigned to a conciliation officer for follow up.

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Inquiries can be directed to (709) 729-2711.

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