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Welcome to Labour Market Programs Support System (LaMPSS), a common system and set of business processes developed to focus on the administration of labour market programs and services. For quick access to a specific topic please click on one of the items below:

How to Log in to LaMPSS

To Log in to LaMPSS, click the link below:

Log in to LaMPSS

If you have attempted to log in to LaMPSS more than five (5) times, the system will automatically log you out for security purposes. Please contact LAMPSS support to have your password reset (call 1-844-252-6777 or email Once you have received your new log in credentials, please dispose of any previous log in information as only the most recent credentials will be valid.

To access LAMPSS Organization Self-Serve for the first time you will require a User-ID. If you have not been issued a User-ID one can be obtained by completing and sending an on-line fillable LaMPSS Organization Registration Form.

The LaMPSS Organization Registration Form above is available in PDF fill-in-the blank format and is best viewed with the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can complete the form online and submit electronically using the submit button at the end of the form. However, if you are having difficulty doing this, you can print it or you can save it to your computer so that you can return to it later. The form can be saved to your computer using the following steps:

  • Click on the link to the form and select “File” and “Save As” from your Web Browser menu
  • Choose a save location and save the form to your computer
  • Use Adobe Reader on your computer to open the form and enter your information
  • If you would like to save the form with the information you have entered, select “File” and “Save” from the Adobe Reader menu
  • You can now use Adobe Reader to return to the form and your information at any time
  • The completed PDF form can be sent via email as a regular attachment

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How will LaMPSS help me?

Once online, self-serve provides the following online capabilities:

  • Complete and submit applications to available departmental programs;
  • Complete and submit activity and financial reports on active agreements;
  • View current and past agreements; and,
  • View payment information.

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How to use LaMPSS

The link below will provide you with step by step information, including screen shots, on how to access the system, log in, apply for funding, and complete many of the online functions you will need to perform during the life cycle of your application and/or agreement.

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How to Apply for Funding

Once logged into LaMPSS, users are taken to their User Homepage. All self-serve users for an organization have access to the Organization Homepage. Under the left navigation menu of the Organization Homepage you will find the Apply for Funding section which you can use to navigate to a list of Programs and Services available for funding through LaMPSS.

When you click on Apply Now, LaMPSS will generate an electronic application form for the program, customized for your organization! Another popup window will instruct you to click on a link to download the customized form. Please note, depending on how your browser is configured you may see a message at the top of your screen asking you to allow the download. If you do, click as instructed and the form will download. You must have Adobe version 9.3 or higher to work with LaMPSS self-serve forms. When the download is complete you will be prompted to Open, Save or Cancel. Read the instructions and either open or save the form. We recommend that you choose save, which will allow you to specify both a file name and location on your PC where you would like to save your customized application form.

One of the benefits of LaMPSS e-forms is that you can work without being logged into LaMPSS while you develop your application. When you begin working in the application form a popup window will remind you that you need to save the form to your local computer and that it’s important to remember where you save the file so you can open it and continue working on it later!

PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG IN TO LAMPSS before trying to submit your completed form. An agreement number will be generated if your application has been submitted successfully.

Electronic application forms can only be downloaded and used once to apply for funding. If you are applying multiple times to the same program please save your data, download a new form and submit each new application to receive a unique agreement number for each application.

If you have questions regarding the program(s) to which you have applied, please contact your local AES office to speak with a staff person. Please remember to quote the agreement number provided to you when you successfully applied for funding

Programs Available for Funding

Currently, the following programs are available through the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. Please review the program guidelines to assist you with your application. Specific details can be found by selecting the appropriate program link below:

  1. Canada NL Job Grant
  2. Community partners
  3. Employment Assistance Services
  4. Job Creation Partnerships
  5. JobsNL
  6. Labour Market Partnerships
  7. Linkages
  8. LMAPD – Supported Employment
  9. LMAPD – School to Work Transitions
  10. Self-Employment Assistance
  11. Service Agreements for Youth and Students
  12. Student Summer Employment – High School
  13. Student Summer Employment – Post Secondary Component
  14. Targeted Initiative for Older Workers

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What are the System Requirements?

The LaMPSS application works with the following Internet Browsers only:

Users will also require the following:

  • Adobe Reader 9.3.3 or newer (available for free at );
  • Web Browser Pop-up blocker enabled to allow pop-ups; and
  • Cookies and java script enabled in the Browser

To turn compatibility view off:

  • Click on Tools.
  • Select “Compatibility View Settings”.
  • If the “” website is in the “Websites you added to Compatibility View” box – select it and then select “Remove”.
  • Uncheck all three boxes at the bottom.
  • Select “Close”.
  • Refresh the web page.
  • Log into LaMPSS
  • If issue persists contact

To turn compatibility view on:

  • Click on Tools.
  • Select “Compatibility View Settings”.
  • If the “” website is not in the “Websites you added to Compatibility View” box – type “” into the “add this website” box and click add.
  • Select “Close”.
  • Refresh the web page.
  • Log into LaMPSS
  • If issue persists contact

For more information about computer compatibility, please review the information found in the link below.

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User Support

Should you require assistance with using LaMPSS, please contact our Support Group by email at during government business hours, or you can call 1-844-252-6777.

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Accessibility Support

For organizations requiring disability related supports to access LaMPSS, please contact your nearest AES office or call 1-800-563-6600.

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