Labour Market Partnerships


The Labour Market Partnerships Program provide funding to support employers, employer or employee associations, community groups and communities in developing and implementing labour market strategies and activities for dealing with labour force adjustments and meeting human resource requirements. Labour Market Partnerships may be used to provide assistance for employed persons who are facing loss of employment.

Labour Market Partnerships Fact Sheet(85 KB)

Eligibility Information

Businesses, organizations, municipalities, band/tribal councils, public health and educational institutions are eligible to receive funding as sponsors.

  • Proposed activities must focus on an identified labour market issue and be assessed as likely to have a positive impact on the labour market.
  • All activities must involve partnership.
  • Within these parameters, Labour Market Partnerships may support activities related to human resource planning and labour force adjustment.
  • Activities must have defined start and finish dates, and not be part of a sponsor’s day-to-day operations.

Other criteria may apply.

What are the Financial Benefits?

Funding may be provided to cover overhead costs such as wages and employment costs, research or technical studies, and other related costs and eligible expenses negotiated with program officials.

How do I Apply?

Interested employers must complete and submit an application to the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour.

On-line Application: Employers must register in the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour LaMPSS payment system to apply on-line. Once registration is complete, a password and user ID will be provided. To register, please press Register on LaMPSS system.

Program Guidelines (available below) have been developed in order to assist employers applying on-line.

Once registered on the LaMPSS system, employers may apply directly on-line and/or update information using its self-serve function and the provided user password and ID. To apply on-line using the self-serve component of LaMPSS, please link to the following website which contains LaMPSS User Guidelines, System Requirements and the Login LaMPSS Employer Self-Serve.

Further Information: For further information or to obtain paper copies of the application, program activity or financial report forms in the event that on-line application through LaMPSS is not possible, please contact the department using the following information.


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Contact Information

Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Office Locations

General enquiries: 1-800-563-6600

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