(III) 9. Special Needs Benefits

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(III) 9. (i) Blind Persons Supplement


(III) 9. (ii) Burials and Funerals


(III) 9. (iii) Child Care


(III) 9. (iv) Disaster Assistance


(III) 9. (v) Emergency Assistance


(III) 9. (vi) Furniture and Appliances

  • (III) 9. (vi) Furniture and Appliances (47 KB)
    • (III) 9. (vi) (a) Stoves
    • (III) 9. (vi) (b) Refrigerators
    • (III) 9. (vi) (c) Washers
    • (III) 9. (vi) (d) Beds
    • (III) 9. (vi) (e) Cribs/Crib Mattresses
    • (III) 9. (vi) (f) Repairs to Existing Appliances
    • (III) 9. (vi) (g) Exceptional Circumstances
    • (III) 9. (vi) (h) Items not Provided


(III) 9. (vii) Guaranteed Income Supplement Supplement (GISS)


(III) 9. (viii) High School Incentives Allowance


(III) 9. (ix) Housekeeping Services


(III) 9. (x) Job Start


(III) 9. (xi) Other Special Needs


(III) 9. (xii) Victims of Violence


(III) 9. (xiii) Earned Income Supplement (EIS)


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