(III) 13. Underpayment, Overpayment, Recovery

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(III) 13. (i) Overpayment of Income Support Benefits

  • (III) 13. (i) Overpayment of Income Support Benefits (66 KB)
    • (III) 13. (i) (a) Reasons for Overpayments
    • (III) 13. (i) (b) Rank of Recovery
    • (III) 13. (i) (c) Apportionment/Splitting Overpayments
    • (III) 13. (i) (d) Recovering Overpayments
    • (III) 13. (i) (e) Rate of Recovery
    • (III) 13. (i) (f) Setting up Overpayments in a Timely Manner
    • (III) 13. (i) (g) Determining the Amount of an Overpayment
    • (III) 13. (i) (h) Completing a New Action Memo
    • (III) 13. (i) (i) Adjusting an Existing Action Memo
    • (III) 13. (i) (j) Reducing an Account Receivable Balance
    • (III) 13. (i) (k) Refunds
    • (III) 13. (i) (l) Credit Balance Reports
    • (III) 13. (i) (m) Assignment of Benefits (AOB)-Employment Insurance Report
    • (III) 13. (i) (n) Accounts Receivable Work Queue in CAPS
    • (III) 13. (i) (o) Accounts Receivable Section-Finance
    • (III) 13. (i) (p) Active and Inactive Clients
    • (III) 13. (i) (q) Recoveries through the Financial Administration Act
    • (III) 13. (i) (r) Questions Regarding Accounts Receivable Balances (from Clients or the Accounts Receivable Section)


(III) 13. (ii) Underpayment of Income Support Benefits


(III) 13. (iii) Issuance of Receipts


(III) 13. (iv) Refund of a Credit Balance


(III) 13. (v) Attachment of Wages


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