Memorial University

Memorial University is the only university in Newfoundland and Labrador and the largest university in Atlantic Canada.

It is made up of a campus in St. John's; the Fisheries and Marine Institute in St. John's; Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook; a residential campus in Harlow, England; and the Institut Frecker in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

The university is governed by the Memorial University Act.

The government deals directly with the university on budgetary matters and policy matters, however the Board of Regents has a wide latitude in most operational areas. It is appointed under the Memorial University Act and is responsible for the management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the university.

The university has full power and authority to: establish and maintain such faculties, colleges, schools, institutions, departments, chairs, and courses as the Board of Regents may deem necessary; give instruction and training in all branches of knowledge and learning, including physical instruction and training; grant degrees (including honorary degrees), diplomas, and certificates of proficiency; provide facilities for original research in every branch of knowledge and learning and to conduct and carry on such research; and, generally, promote and carry on the work of a university in all its branches.

Grenfell Campus offers the first year in all programs offered by Memorial University (except music), the first one or two years of most professional and non-professional university degree programs, the entire four years for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) degrees, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science, along with the Master of Arts in Environmental Policy.

In March 1992, the Institute of Fisheries and Marine Technology was affiliated with Memorial University as the Marine Institute of Memorial University. The legislation which was enacted charged the university to provide: degree, diploma, certificate and other programs in the areas of fisheries and marine science and technology, and; upgrading and enhancing of the fisheries and marine labour force in cooperation with the colleges.