About The Skills Task Force

Our people are a vital provincial resource. Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy holds many opportunities for the future, especially related to major projects and other emerging industries.

Our success in maximizing these opportunities and attracting further investment will depend on us having a qualified and skilled workforce to meet industry demands.

What are these specific opportunities and related skill requirements?

How are we doing in preparing our people for current and future opportunities?

What things need to happen in education and training to build a stronger provincial workforce ready to meet industry skill demands?

To answer these and other important questions, a Skills Task Force has been established, consisting of representatives from business, labour,post-secondary training institutions, and other key stakeholder groups.

This Task Force will develop a comprehensive joint action plan that:

  • Identifies opportunities for stakeholders to partner in the education and training of the province’s labour force so that Newfoundland and Labrador remains competitive in new and emerging projects and can attract further developments.

The Skills Task Force will build on the considerable work done to date by government, employer and labour groups on current labour market trends, skills gaps and industrial opportunities. However, in moving this work to the next step, that is, building a joint action plan to address the skills requirements for emerging opportunities, there is a need to address information gaps that still exist at the regional and industry sector levels.