Transfer of Credit in Early Childhood Education Program, 1994-95

For your reference, and in keeping with the focus of the 1995-96 Transfer Guide, the following table provides an overview of current credit transfer arrangements associated with the Early Childhood Education Diploma program now being piloted at Cabot College through distance education. Students who successfully complete courses in the two-year diploma or one-year certificate Early Childhood Education programs offered at the Regional Colleges listed below (see first three columns) will be eligible to receive the indicated transfer credit from Cabot College for the Early Childhood Education Diploma Program by distance (see column four).

Readers are advised the following table is subject to change by the respective postsecondary institutions. Should any questions arise, please consult the appropriate institutional calendar or Registrar's/Student Services Office for more information.

Sending Institution Receiving Institution
Cabot, Central Newfoundland & Westviking Colleges Early Childhood Education Two-Year Diploma Central Newfoundland Regional College Early Childhood Education One-Year Certificate
Springdale (to June 1993) Grand Falls-Windsor (offered one year) Cabot College Early Childhood Education Diploma by Distance
Psychology PS1100 and PS1101 Child Psychology ECE 112 1-1 Identify Patterns of Growth and Development
Child Development II EE1201 Child Development ECE 101 Child Development 1-2 Nurture Development of Infants and Toddlers
1-3 Nurture Development of the Two-Year old Child
Child Development III EE2200 Child Development and completion of mandatory Cabot assignment 1-4 1-4 Nurture Development of the Pre-School Child
Child Development IV EE2201 Child Development 1-5 Nurture and Development of the School-Age Child
1-6 Development Patterns of Adolescence and Adults
Child Development I EE1200 2-1 Observe Children’s Development (Mandatory)
Early Childhood Education I EE1100 and II EE1101 and III EE2100 Play Curriculum and Program Planning ECE 102 Early Childhood Program Development 2-2 Provide for Child Centered Experiences
Early Childhood Education I EE1100 Play Curriculum and Program Planning 2-3 Organize Physical Environment
Early Childhood Education II EE1101 and III EE2100 Early Childhood Program Development ECE 113 2-4 Plan Curriculum
Health FH1300 Nutrition and Health ECE 107 3-1 Provide Safe Indoor/Outdoor Environment
First Aid 3-2 Respond to Children’s Injuries (First Aid)
Health FH1300 4-1 Prevent Infection & Disease
4-2 Respond to Children’s Illness
4-3 Promote Children;s Personal Hygiene
Nutrition I FH1110 4-4 Meet Children’s Nutritional Needs
Nutrition II FH1111 Nutrition and Health ECE 107 Health, Safety and Nutrition 4-5 Prepare Nutritious Meals and Snacks
Creative Activities II EE1401 5-1 Provide Language Experiences
Creative Activities I EE1400 Play Curriculum and Program Planning ECE 102 5-2 Provide Art Experiences
Creative Activities IV EE2401 5-3 Provide Music/Movement Experiences
Creative Activities III EE2400 5-4 Provide Physical Activities Experiences
Early Childhood Education III EE2100 5-5 Provide Science and Math Experiences
Program Integration EE1500 Guiding Children’s Behaviour 6-1 Encourage Self-Esteem
Guiding Children’s Behaviour and Child Psychology 6-2 Encourage Self-Control
Communications/Human Relations ECE 111 Guiding Children’s Behaviour and Communications/Human Relations 6-3 Communicate with Children
Program Integration EE1500 6-4 Guide Children’s Behaviour (mandatory)
Family Studies I EE1300 and II EE1301 Sociology of the Family 7-1 Identify Family Patterns
Family Studies II EE1301 and IV EE2301 Parents ECE 114 7-2 Demonstrate a Partnership with Families
Family Studies III EE2300 and IV EE2301 7-3 Respond to Families Needs
English HR1101 Communications/Human Relations ECE 111 Communications/Human Relations 8-1 Facilitate Team Work and Adult Communication
Communications CM1500 and CM2100 8-2 Write Memos, Letters and Reports
Bookeeping AC1100 8-3 Apply Accounting Prinnciples
Community Resources EE1600 8-4 Network with Community
Program Integration EE1500 and Early Childhood Education IVEE2101 Day Care Management and Law ECE 109 and Professional Development ECE 115 and Parents ECE 114 and Play Curriculum & Program Planning ECE 102 8-5 Assist in Management and Administration of Centre
Program Integration EE1500 9-1 Practice Professional Values
Early Childhood Education IV EE2101 9-2 Demonstrate a Philosophy that Reflects Quality ECE