Program or Block Transfer, 1996-97

Within the Province

Sending Institution Receiving Institution
3 Year Engineering Technology Diploma Program (Completed at the Cabot College, Marine Institute of MUN or Westviking College with an overall average of 75%) 1st Year University (MUN) with eligibility for application to Term 1, Bachelor of Engineering Degree Program
3 Year Diploma Program in Nursing Education – R.N. (Completed in Hospital Schools of Nursing) 15 unspecified Nursing Credits in the Bachelor of Nursing Program (MUN)
Graduates from Memorial University of Newfoundland holding an appropriate Bachelor of Science degree May be considered for advanced standing to the second year of the Medical Laboratory program (Cabot College). Limited spaces are available due to severe space restrictions. For further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office of Cabot College
A total of six (6) years of training and work experience in an occupational area. A maximum of ten (10) semester credits towards the Diploma/Degree of Bachelor of Vocational Education at Memorial University.
3 year Engineering Technology Diploma program in Naval Architecture or Marine System Design completed at the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland with an overall average of 75%. Term 4 Naval Architecture Engineering Discipline in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (MUN), after completing successfully a bridging program offered at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.
Completion of a Diploma in either Nautical Science or Marine Engineering Technology at the Marine Institute. Diplomas plus additional 13 credits (considered as prerequisite) for Bachelor Degree in Maritime Studies (BMS) at Memorial University.

Outside the Province

Sending Institution Receiving Institution
Primary Technology Common First Year (All Regional Colleges and Marine Institute of MUN) 12 credits toward study at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College
3 year Petroleum Engineering Technology Program (Cabot College) 65 credits toward a Bachelor of Technology – (Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology)
2 year Environmental Technology Program (Westviking College) 2 years of the 3 year Environmental Technology Program (University of Cape Breton)
2 year Forestry Resources Technology Program (Westviking College) Advanced standing (11 courses) towards Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Forestry (Lakehead University)
Credits completed during first two years at Universities/Colleges that are ordinary members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) Course for course credit transfer at Memorial University to a maximum of twenty (20) semester credits in accordance with the Pan-Canadian Protocol on the transferability of University credits.
Diploma of Applied Arts – Community Studies (Westviking College) 1 years of 3 year Bachelor of Arts – Community Studies (University of Cape Breton)
Diploma of Applied Arts – Visual Arts (Westviking College) Up to 2 years of 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design)