Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program, 2007-2008

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program was designed to give adults an opportunity to complete their high school education or equivalent. ABE and is offered at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) and approved Private Training Institutions.

To be eligible to transfer credits from the ABE program back to High School, students must be a minimum of 19 years of age (or 18 years of age and out of school 1 year) and require six or fewer credits to graduate.

To reflect the changes that have taken place in the high school curriculum in recent years, the ABE system has also undergone revisions.

Within the high school program there are regulations which apply to awarding of credit. These regulations would also apply for transferring of credit back to the high school system.

For example:

(i) Credit will NOT be awarded for a course for which the student already has the equivalent high school course completed (e.g., a student who already has credit for Consumer Studies 1202 on his/her transcript, cannot transfer back credit received for IE 3211 Consumer Studies).

(ii) Credit will NOT be awarded for conflicting courses (e.g., a high school student with credit for English 2201 cannot receive credit for English 2202, therefore a student with credit for English 2201 will not be eligible to transfer English 2102A/B/C from the ABE system back to high school).

The best way to ensure each student is working on a program that will be eligible for transfer back into high school, and secure high school graduation, is to request prior approval for courses from the Manager of High School Certification. Please contact by either fax or email (email preferred).

Phone (709) 729-6261

Fax: (709) 729-0611

Once all courses are complete, they must be entered into the online ABE system and the Manager of High School Certification notified by email or fax. Please include the student’s name, date of birth, and SIN.

Below is a course "equivalency" matrix that is effective as of September 2006.

ABE Equivalent High School Course
IC 3220 Canadian Literature Canadian Literature 2204
IC 3219 NFLD Literature Folk Literature 3203
IE 3211 Consumer Studies Consumer Studies 1202
IG 3114 Canadian Issues Canadian Issues 1209
IG 3119 Canadian Law Canadian Law 2104
IS 3214 Environmental Science Environmental Science 3205
IG 3221 Human Geography World Geography 3200
English 1101 A
English 1101 B all three
English 1101 C
English 1201
English 1102 A
English 1102 B all three
English 1102 C
English 1202
English 2101 A
English 2101 B all three
English 2101 C
English 2201
English 2102 A
English 2102 B all three
English 2102 C
English 2202
English 3101 A
English 3101 B all three
English 3101 C
English 3201
English 3102 A
English 3102 B all three
English 3102 C
English 3202
Biology 2101 A
Biology 2101 B all three
Biology 2101 C
Biology 2201
Biology 3101 A
Biology 3101 B all three
Biology 3101 C
Biology 3201
Chemistry 2102 A
Chemistry 2102 B all three
Chemistry 2102 C
Chemistry 2202
Chemistry 3102 A
Chemistry 3102 B all three
Chemistry 3102 C
Chemistry 3202
Physics 2104 A
Physics 2104 B all three
Physics 2104 C
Physics 2204
Physics 3104 A
3104 B all three
Physics 3104 C
Physics 3204
Math 1104 A
Math 1104 B all three
Math 1104 C
Math 1204
Math 2104 A
Math 2104 B all three
Math 2104 C
Math 2204
Math 3104 A
Math 3104 B all three
Math 3104 C
Math 3204

NOTE: Other course equivalencies are currently being developed for science and general math. As these become available the appropriate post-secondary institutes will be notified.