Returning to Work

If you are interested in returning to work, visit the links below to see which services will best fit your needs.

Drop into an Employment Centre near you.

Each Employment Centre offers a variety of services:

Resources available through the centres include:

  • computers
  • internet access
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • audio and video materials
  • print resources
  • other materials that support individuals looking for labour market, work and career information

Services available through the centres include:

  • work search
  • resume writing
  • career planning
  • entrepreneurship
  • life skills
  • workshops on labour market trends

A variety of resource materials and services are available. Staff will work with you to best determine how your specific needs can be met.

People who can benefit from the centres include:

  • job seekers
  • employers
  • post-secondary students
  • parents
  • new Canadians
  • older workers
  • labour and industry groups
  • human resource professionals
  • and anyone looking for career and employment help

We also assist employers by helping them with human resource planning, recruitment and training.

Are you eligible for Employment Insurance (EI)?

EI-Eligible clients can benefit from a variety of programs and services.

Skills Development
Skills Development provides financial assistance to EI-eligible individuals to help you get the training they need to
find employment.

Job Creation Partnerships
Job Creation Partnerships support projects that provide you with work experience.

Wage Subsidies
Wage Subsidy Programs are designed to bring employers and employees together by providing funding to employers to create
employment opportunities.

Self Employment Assistance
Self-Employment Assistance helps you start a business.

Employment Assistance Services
This link will direct you to a new page highlighting exciting new changes to employment services.

Are you receiving Income Support Benefits?

You can avail of subsidies, programs and services that help you move into employment.

  • Overlap of Income Support and Job Wages
    • Your Income Support benefits and job earnings are overlapped for the first 30 days of employment
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  • Employment Development Supports
    • You may be eligible for additional funding to assist with certain expenses when going to work. Eg. Tools, clothing, Code of Conduct Certificate etc.
  • Job Start Benefit
    • You may be eligible for a job start benefit of $250 (if you have dependents) or $125 (if you are a single person).
    • Supplementing Earnings with Income Support Example
      • Income Support (IS) eligibility is based upon an individual’s family size and type of accommodations (needs) compared to their income and resources.
      • If you find a job while receiving income support benefits, you may still be able to keep some income support benefits in addition to your earnings.
      • Contact us
  • Income Tax Refunds
  • Health Plans
    • If a health plan is not available from your employer, you, your spouse and dependent children are eligible to receive a 100% coverage drug card for a full 12 months after leaving the Income Support program for employment.
    • You must file an income tax return to be eligible
    • Prescription Drug Program
      • The Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (NLPDP) provides financial assistance for the purchase of eligible prescription medications for those who reside in the province.
  • Child Tax Credit Benefits
    • If your Income Support Benefits cease due to earnings, you will still receive your Child Tax Benefit from Canada Revenue Agency. New amounts are established each July based on your previous income tax year. This benefit requires individuals file their taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Wage Subsidies
    • Wage Subsidies – This link will direct you to a new page highlighting exciting new changes to employment services including wage subsidies.
  • Information on Finding a Job

    Labour Market and Career Information Hotline

    Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
    Toll-free: 1-800-563-6600
    TTY: 1-866-729-4685
    Fax: 1-709-256-5709

  • Employment Counseling
  • Supports to Attend Adult Basic Education (ABE) Literacy Training
  • Student Aid and Income Support
  • Child Care
    • If you have a job or are attending school, childcare expenses are available.
    • The first option for childcare is to have your child in a licensed daycare; costs are paid through the Childcare Services Subsidy Program of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. However, there may be situations where daycare is not suitable, such as:
      • If your child is too young for daycare;
      • There are no licensed daycares in your area;
      • The hours you require are outside the normal daycare operating hours; or
      • due to health issues, your child is unable to attend daycare
    • If these situations are present, childcare can be paid by Advanced Education, Skills and Labour. Rates are based on the number of hours you require and the number of children that require care.

Contact Information for Child Care Supports

Metro Region

T: (709) 729-4331 or 729-4280
F: (709) 729-4351

Central East Region

T: (709) 292-6283 or 945-6557
F: (709) 651-0269

Western Region

T: (709) 637-2763
F: (709) 637-8016

Labrador Region

T: (709) 896-9170 ext. 222
F: (709) 896-9201