Course Load Requirements

Your educational institution determines your course load percentage. This is based on the number of courses you are taking compared to the standard number of courses for your program of study. If attending university, five courses are typically considered 100% of a full course load.

To receive funding for full-time studies, you need to be registered for the following course load percentages:

  • Provincial: at least 80%
  • Federal: at least 60%
  • Students with Permanent Disabilities: at least 40%

To receive provincial funding for full-time studies, the 80% requirement may be reduced to 60% with a Reduced Course Load Request Form (1.2 MB) if you are:

  1. A single parent who has a child (or children) under 12 years of age and who:
    • is carrying at least 60% of a full course load that includes at least one university credit course requiring lab time in addition to regular classroom time; or
    • has a child (or children) with special needs; or
    • has other personal circumstances that merit special consideration.
  2. A student who has:
    • a severe medical condition; or
    • recently experienced a trauma that merits special consideration; or
    • other documented extenuating circumstances.

Note: There is part-time assistance available if you are taking less than 60% of a full course load (less than 40% for students with a permanent disability).

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