Family Child Care Agencies


What is a licensed Family Child Care Agency?

A licensed Family Child Care Agency is an agency run by an incorporated, non-profit community board of directors which:

  • recruits, screens, supports and monitors family child care providers (people who care for children in the provider’s home)
  • is licensed by government to approve family child care services
  • ensures that the homes approved by the agency are meeting the standards required by legislation
  • provides a referral service for parents and providers aiding the process of arranging child care.

Each child care provider affiliated with the agency remains a self-employed individual. Child care arrangements are based on the agreement reached between the provider and the parent.

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How does the agency screen, support and monitor providers?

  • By screening the family child care provider and the provider’s home to ensure they meet government standards for
    child care. This process includes:

    • submitting required references and security clearances
    • completing a health & safety check of the home
    • conducting a program evaluation
    • participating in other assessments as per agency policies
  • By providing support through such required services as:
    • home visits to provide information on the service provided to children and families
    • access to workshops/courses
  • By agency home visitors monitoring the service on an on-going basis to ensure:
    • that the premises continue to be safe and healthy
    • that the family child care program is appropriate for the children
    • that the provider is meeting the legislative requirements of the Child Care Services Act, Child Care Services Regulations and related policies.

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How does an organization pursue a licence as a family child care agency?

If the organization seeking a licence is an incorporated, not-for-profit group, the first step is to request a licensing package from the local Child Youth and Family Services Office. This package contains an application form and a list of required information and documentation to be submitted with the application.

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For More Information

For more information about child care in this province contact:

Child Care Services Program

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
P.O. Box 8700
St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6
Telephone: 1-709-729-5960

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