Programs and Services Division

The Programs and Services Division is responsible for development and implementation of K-12 school programming, student support services and other services related to the operation of the K-12 school system.


Program Development

  • Determining and developing programs of study for the K-12 schools in English and French
  • Acquiring and distributing authorized resources for the primary, elementary and secondary school system, through the Learning Resources Distribution Centre (LRDC)
  • Planning and administering French first language and French second language programs
  • Assisting with provincial professional learning for new program implementations; ongoing professional development, including on-line support for teachers and district level personnel; and information for parents in support of K-12 programs

Student Support Services

  • Developing policies and guidelines regarding student support services
  • Providing professional learning and support to district personnel in the implementation of policies, guidelines and the Service Delivery Model for Students with Exceptionalities.
  • Consulting with district staff regarding programming for students with exceptionalities.
  • Providing specific student supports such as alternate transportation, alternate format materials, and assistive technology.

School Services

  • Responsibilities for collective agreements in the education sector, regulations, and departmental policies pertaining to the operation of schools;

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