Child Eligibility for Riding the Bus

For a student to be eligible for school busing he/she must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be attending their neighbourhood zoned school.
  2. They must reside greater than 1.6 kms from the zoned school. Students residing within 1.6 km would be within “the walkzone” of the school. In determining the walkzone of a school a measurement will be taken from the nearest accessible entrance to school property extending out via public roadway to a distance of 1.6 km.
  3. In some cases students who resided within the walkzone can avail of courtesy seating provided that there is space available on the bus and the student travels back to a stop outside the 1.6 km mark.

* Under certain circumstances, busing can be made available for children of parents with special needs who live within 1.6 kilometres from their school. For example, the child of a single parent with a visual impairment may qualify. Applications are similar for special needs busing approval. This service is only available for students in K-6.