Curriculum Development and Resources

New Curriculum Status

Heritage/Social Studies Curriculum

  • A new Newfoundland and Labrador History course has been introduced at Grade 8, with a locally-developed textbook, Voyage to Discovery.
  • On-line learning resources for junior and senior high students are being developed in partnership with The Rooms and Memorial University. Resources focus particularly on NL participation in WWI, aboriginal culture, women in history, Labrador, the fishery since 1800, and developments since Confederation.

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Music Curriculum

  • A new K-6 music curriculum, including Newfoundland and Labrador music as authorized learning resources, was implemented in September 2005.
  • A new intermediate music curriculum was implemented in September 2009.
  • Music program at the high school level is currently under review.

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Visual Art Curriculum

  • A new primary Art curriculum was implemented in 2008.
  • A new elementary Art curriculum has been implemented for grade 4 in 2009 and Grade 5 in 2010. Implementation for Grade 6 will follow in 2011.
  • Art programming and resources at the intermediate level are currently under development.

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Drama Curriculum

  • A new Theatre Arts 2200 course was implemented in September 2009.

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Print and Non-print Resource Acquisition

In an attempt to increase emphasis on cultural content in the K-12 curriculum in Newfoundland and Labrador, this program identifies resources that complement curriculum outcomes, which address arts and cultural aspects of the province. The Print and Non-print Resource Acquisition program has enhanced students’ opportunities to increase their knowledge and appreciation for people, events, and places around Newfoundland and Labrador by placing local products such as books, theatre scripts, music CDs, and DVDs in school and public libraries throughout the province.

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People Profiles

This is a series of posters highlighting historically significant people who have made substantial contributions to
Newfoundland and Labrador. These biographies with accompanying photographs and artwork target curriculum at the
intermediate level.

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Fine Arts Equipment Program

Through a procurement program, schools can access funding to purchase and/or repair fine arts equipment. Schools should
consult their districts regarding parameters and applications pertaining to this funding.

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