Becoming Involved in My Child’s School Community

Parents and guardians are important members of the school community. Often schools will invite parents to volunteer, to join their child’s class during field trips, or to chaperone special events. Other great ways to become involved are:

  • Present at career days
  • Tutoring after school
  • Offer homework help after school
  • Provide activities and/or resources that are linked to the curriculum
  • Coach a team
  • Monitor a club
  • Recycle
  • Judge contests
  • Acknowledge the efforts of individual teachers and the school as a whole

Parents also have the option to be a member of their school council or the district’s school board. These are elected positions.

Each school is involved in a process called school development. Through this process parents, teachers and students are periodically given the opportunity to review what they feel the school community is doing well, and areas that require continued development. Goals are set and a plan of action put into place.

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these aspects of the school community, please discuss it with your child’s teacher or administrator.