What Can I Do if I Want to be More Involved in My School and Community?

Research shows that students who take an active role in their school and community will benefit from the experience. Involvement in organized school and community activities has many benefits and may provide opportunity for:

  • meeting new friends
  • developing leadership, communication, organizational, and decision making skills
  • developing academic, athletic or artistic skills
  • being more aware of social justice issues
  • volunteering
  • developing your resume for work, post secondary and scholarships

As well, being involved in school and community groups often results in:

  • improved grades
  • improved social skills
  • improved decision making
    • less risk taking behaviours
    • less opportunity for substance use
  • improved communication with adults (parents and teachers included)
  • opportunity for employment, scholarships and post-secondary study

If you want to be involved, you can join a group at school or in your community. Your school counsellor, teacher or administrator may be able to help you do this.