Hearing Loss


Students with hearing loss ranging from mild to profound may require special education support including technological assistance and/or adaptations to teaching strategies and environmental arrangements.

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Students who have a moderate/severe hearing loss and meet the following criteria are eligible for the services of the itinerant teacher for children and youth with hearing loss:

  • There is a better ear average loss of 40db; and
  • There is a better ear average loss less than 40db, and assessment determines there is a need.

Please consult the Department’s brochure for parents:

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Cochlear Implants

The Janeway Children’s Hospital offers the services of a cochlear implant team that carries out candidacy assessment, preparation for surgery, surgery and post-implant follow-up. Children who have a cochlear implant or are in the candidacy process can access auditory verbal therapy through student support services. The certified auditory verbal therapist provides both direct and consultative services to children from pre-school through to Grade 12 throughout the province.

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