Welcome to the Alternate Format Materials Learning Centre

The “Learning Centre” contains video, Adobe Captivate tutorials, information sheets and user guides that explain the services offered by the Library. The learning modules available from the Centre include information about alternate format materials, copyright law, the application process to access alternate format materials, and the use of the Alternate Format Materials Website.

AFMNL Regulations


These videos feature Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Consultants providing information on the Alternate Format Materials Library.

Note: You may experience difficulty opening these video links if using Google Chrome. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer to access these media clips.

Adobe Captivate Tutorials

Adobe Captivate tutorials provide a guided tour of the Alternate Format Materials Website.

Information for All Users

Information for Students and their Teachers

Information for Contact Teachers
Headphones or speakers are required to access this media.

Information for AFM Advisors

Educational Materials

These information sheets/presentations provide additional information on alternate format materials

User Guides

The user guides provide detailed information on site navigation.

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