The HRS supports the Treasury Board (the Board) in matters relating to human resource management. Responsibilities for the Board have been conferred primarily through the Financial Administration Act, various pieces of labour legislation such as the Public Service Collective Bargaining Act and the Executive Council Act and Regulations.

The Financial Administration Act specifically identifies the following HR responsibilities for the Board:

  • Determine personnel requirements and provide for the allocation and effective utilization of personnel
  • Provide for the classification of positions
  • Determine the pay to which employees are entitled for services rendered, the hours of work and leave of those persons and related matters
  • Establish standards of discipline in the public service and prescribe the penalties that may be applied for breaches of discipline
  • Provide for other matters, including terms and conditions of employment, the Board considers necessary for effective personnel management

Labour legislation, such as the Public Service Collective Bargaining Act, gives the President of Treasury Board responsibility for collective bargaining in most of the public service.

The Executive Council Act and Regulations provide authority to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council to create departments and Committees of Cabinet and appoint appropriate ministers. The Act also identifies some ministerial powers.