Opening Doors Program

The Opening Doors Program is an employment equity initiative of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is the foundation program of the Office of Employment Equity for Persons with Disabilities of the Human Resource Secretariat out of which the Office’s other services have emerged.

The Opening Doors Program comprises full time, permanent Opening Doors positions throughout the Provincial Public Service in various locations of the Province. The Opening Doors Program positions have been designated for persons with disabilities and may be filled only by members of this employment equity group who have been accepted for inclusion on the Office’s Client Registry.

The Opening Doors Program recognizes that one of the major obstacles to employment for persons with disabilities is their lack of job experience. Therefore, much less emphasis is placed on the experience factors when recruiting to fill Opening Doors positions. The positions are also protected from bumping so as to ensure they are not lost during periods of downsizing.

Opening Doors positions are filled based on merit. Those persons, who have the education and experience requirements – as identified in the position competition poster/statement of qualifications – are identified by the registry system and “screened into” the competition, i.e., they are referred to the hiring department for the interview process. The candidate who best meets the qualifications for the job – and who demonstrates this in the interview process – is then offered the position.

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