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About the Centre for Learning and Development

The Centre for Learning and Development is responsible for supporting government in ensuring the provision of compliance-based learning and generally contributing to the professional development of the core public service. This Division has developed information technology and other organizational development infrastructure to support: executive mentorship, development and training; competency-based learning and development (e.g. administrative support professionals); career coaching through individualized learning plans; leadership and management development (including mandatory management training); employee onboarding and orientation; and specialized curriculum development to meet specific priorities (e.g. financial management; occupational health and safety; harassment-free workplaces; ATIPPA). The Division also oversees administration of learning and development; tuition assistance across core government; an employee training database; PSAccess (web-based learning), in addition to contributing to the development, evaluation and revision of HR policy.

In addition, the CLD collaborates with government departments and agencies to ensure that learning and organizational development initiatives are aligned with the strategic and human resource plans specific to the department or agency. These include mandatory learning required by legislation, critical certifications for individual employees to practice an occupation, interventions that address current departmental issues, and/or initiatives associated with the introduction of new program policy and planning guidelines / regulations.


  • Providing leadership to the organization in the provision of programs and services that align with and support organizational goals and objectives
  • Determining organizational development strategies and diagnosing organizational context in partnership with central agencies
  • Creating core competency models to establish standards of practice and key performance indicators
  • Delivering corporate-wide learning opportunities including Compliance-Based Learning, Executive Development, Leadership and Management Development, French Language Training, and the Resource Management Package
  • Developing, designing and implementing eLearning solutions and strategies to support the implementation of knowledge management and corporate learning services to government departments and agencies
  • Acting as a strategic and consultative resource to Departmental Ministers, Executive, Senior Management, Human Resource Professionals and employees to develop the core public service
  • Providing access to training facilities, including physical and virtual training rooms, a video conferencing centre and a computer resource centre
  • Assisting and supporting Public Service employees in planning and developing their individual learning plan goals and objectives
  • Developing and delivering eLearning content and resources that support just-in-time learning opportunities

Competency Development

Our organizational success is dependent on our employees having the right competencies to address current and future requirements. The Centre for Learning and Development (CLD) develops and implements capacity building frameworks that identify learning and development that will help employees build on the competencies identified:

  • Safety Compliance-Based Education and Training
  • Executive
  • Leadership & Management
  • Information Management
  • Administrative
  • Policy
  • French Language

French Language Training

The Centre for Learning and Development offers French Language Training to government employees in order to facilitate the delivery of services in French. This program combines self-directed, online learning and is supported by live online tutorial sessions. For further information, visit www.psaccess.ca.

For information on other French Language Training, please contact the cld@gov.nl.ca

We also offer full-time intensive Level C French Language Training to employees of the federal government. For more information, please email cld@gov.nl.ca.

Media Relations

Media Relations learning and development creates a standardized approach to internal and external communications practices in government. This program provides designated departmental spokespersons with development opportunities to enhance communications with the general public, the media, and key stakeholders.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador supports tuition assistance for existing employees to enhance their careers in the Public Service, as well as for new employees considering a career with The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as a benefit of employment. Strategic investment in people support the organization in meeting its goals and objectives to provide excellence in public service delivery.

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CLD Emails

All enquiries: Centre for Learning and Development, Human Resource Secretariat cld@gov.nl.ca.

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