Classification and Compensation Division Resources

Below is information and resources pertaining to the classification and compensation system, policies and procedures, and the review and appeal process. For any additional information, please contact the Classification and Compensation Division.

Classification Review and Appeal Processes

All requests for classification review must submit the following information:

  • A description of why the position has been submitted for review, an identification of the changes to the position to support the request and the impact of these changes on any other position(s) in the organization. For management positions, an evaluation summary must also be included.
  • A properly completed and duly signed position description for the position along with a position description for any other position(s) affected by the request.

Position Description Writing How To Do Your Own (Management) (746 KB)
Management Position Description Form (146 KB)

  • A current approved organization chart of the division showing the position submitted for review and any positions reporting to it.
  • Details indicating the current classification title and pay level for the position, whether it was previously classified by the Classification and Compensation Division. Also indicate the Position Control Number for the position and any relevant Treasury Board Authorities (for requests submitted by Government Departments only).

Bargaining Unit Appeal Process

The Position Classification System is utilized to classify bargaining unit as well as non-bargaining/non-management positions. It is an evaluation system that identifies and describes the different kinds and levels of work in an organization and then groups similar positions together under common job titles.

Classification Review and Appeal Process (244 KB)
Schedule F, General Service Collective Agreement (Expires March 31, 2012)

Classification Appeal Board – Request for Classification Appeal (63 KB)

For further information, or to contact the Classification Appeal Board

Management Classification Review and Appeal Process

The Hay Guide Chart Profile Method of Job Evaluation was adopted to rate all management positions.

Management Classification Review Procedures (137 KB)

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Job Evaluation System (JES)

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador intends to introduce a new job evaluation system and classification framework for unionized positions.

Request for Reclassification Review

Request a reclassification review and Position Description Questionnaire.

Position Administration System

  • The Position Administration System (HRP) provides information regarding the permanent, temporary and seasonal staff complement as well as tracking employees within various positions.
  • The purpose of the HRP System is to monitor and maintain position and employee information to approximately 10,000 permanent, temporary and seasonal positions.
  • The Position Administration System plays a major role is supporting the organizational structure by providing information that is essential in Departmental and Government wide Human Resource planning and budgeting.

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