Planning and Service Delivery Committees (PSDC)

Who are the PSDCs?

Each PSDC is made up of a representative from the OCIO and representatives from the departments selected by department executives.

Mandate of the PSDC

The PSDC provides strategic business direction for a client’s information technology and information management initiatives and monitors the delivery of these services to the client.

The committee is a forum for leadership, guidance, and key decision-making. The PSDC will make decisions on a consensus basis to support the effective provision of IT/IM services to the client while respecting the priorities and resource constraints of the client, the OCIO, and government.

Areas of Focus

The specific roles and responsibilities of the PSDC include:

  • Client visions, priorities and plans;
  • OCIO visions, priorities and plans;
  • Project prioritization;
  • Budgeting processes;
  • Business cases for IT/IM initiatives;
  • Escalation of major client issues; and
  • Approval of new IT/IM initiatives.