Corporate Services and Projects

The Corporate Services and Projects Branch is comprised of four divisions: Corporate Services, Client and Vendor Services, Projects and Digital Government.

Corporate Services is responsible for business operations, financial management (budget preparation and monitoring), vendor contract management, human resource planning, IT procurement oversight, cabinet support, and Occupational Health and Safety.

Client and Vendor Services sets IT strategic direction for government, participates in the development of departmental IT strategic and operational plans, assists in the prioritization of departmental IT spend, coordinates and develops the OCIO IT Business Plan, manages the interests of client departments and supported agencies, acts as a liaison with the local IT industry, manages vendor and client relationships and researches, develops and implements IT policies and standards.

Projects is responsible for the design, development, implementation and deployment of applications and new technologies for government departments and supported entities. The division manages the portfolio for active projects, the development of project management best practices and standards, as well as ongoing web development and support. The division is responsible for creating a technology environment which promotes integration of systems and data, reduces duplication, and supports standardization of processes and systems.

Digital Government is responsible for leading, defining and delivering the overall government-wide digital strategy. The division champions the need for a government-wide digital channel and serves as a voice for this vision. This division provides thought leadership to government employees and collaborates with departments to drive digital adoption across government. The division also provides leadership to drive meaningful change in government-wide service delivery to residents and businesses.


Corporate Services and Projects
Office of the Chief Information Officer