Phase 1: Concept

Phase 1: ConceptInitiate
Phase 2: Plan-for-AnalysisAnalysis
Phase 3: Plan-for-DesignDesignExecute
Phase 4: ImplementClose
Phase 5: Support

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Phase 1: Concept Phase 1: Initiate Phase 2: Plan Phase 2: Analysis Phase 3: Plan Phase 3: Design Phase 3: Execute Phase 4: Implement Phase 4: Close Phase 4: Support

Stage Overview

In the Concept stage of the project the Client & Vendor Services (C&VS) division requests the client fill out a Business Case for the project and a C&VS Business Analyst (BA) completes a Preliminary Scope Document. Both of these documents will be used to initiate the project in the next stage.

C&VS will book a meeting with the Planning Group (which includes representatives from CS&P and other OCIO branches) to review / validate the Business Case and Preliminary Scope Document, create a high level overall schedule and cost estimate known as the Concept Estimate (the PM is not involved in creation of this estimate) and then the project sizing calculator is run by C&VS and validated by the Project Management Office (PMO). The Concept Estimate is then stored in the Idea module in the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system. The DM (once assigned) should update the Project Estimate History in PPM with this Concept Estimate (both project cost and project duration). This becomes the original high-level order of magnitude cost and schedule estimate.

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Stage Deliverables

Note: PMs should review their project’s Deliverables Matrix to understand which of the above deliverables are mandatory for their project (deliverable requirements are dependent on project type, size, etc.). The Preliminary Deliverables Matrix is initially completed by the Project Management Office (PMO) in the Initiate stage and PMs should request the PMO complete the Finalized Deliverables Matrix at the end of the Analysis stage (in the event the project type and/or size has changed). PMs are also encouraged to contact the PMO if they feel a deliverable listed as mandatory is not relevant (e.g. eligible for an exemption).

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